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Happy New Year!

We thought we would start the new year off right by creating this fresh new blog! First of all we want to wish all of our customers a very happy new year and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We hope everyone is poised to have an amazing and productive year!  Many of you have asked us for a blog to help keep you informed on what’s going on behind the scenes, keep you up to date with any issues that might arise, or inform you of any maintenance going on. We hope this will just be another channel for us to keep in communication with our customers. We also hope to bring valuable tips on using our hosting platform including the control panel, the email platform, and things that may come in handy.

There were a lot of changes with Huevia in 2012. Most notable the change of ownership during the summer from Deviathan, LLC to 405 Networks, LLC. This transition did not go as smooth as we would have liked. There was definitely a failure on our part to keep everyone informed because of the extremely small window of time in which this transfer needed to occur. Many things were happening behind the scenes that were very fluid and complex. Many of you voiced your opinions during this transition and we got to know a lot of our customers during this time, as well as what you do, what some of your needs are, and also some of your frustrations. Lessons were learned and we feel we owe some of you an explanation as to what was happening.

During this migration several key things were happening to improve the quality of the Huevia service.The biggest challenge for us was a complete overhaul of the email platform from Horde to the SmarterMail Platform. Thousands of users across thousands of domains were transferred within days. For most, this went off without a hitch. For others there were issues and we have since addressed the vast majority of these. We hope our email users now see the value and have enjoyed the many benefits of the SmarterMail Email platform over Hord. The SmarterMail Email Platform is a much improved email platform and is one of the cornerstones of our service.

The second biggest thing that was happening was a consolidation of databases to a redundant MySQL cluster for users who had databases associated with their web sites. Databases were being migrated while applications were being updated on the fly. This did several things. First, it separated the web servers from the database servers so each server could perform its job more efficiently. This also had the benefit of offloading the web servers for overall better performance of your web sites. Secondly, it set the stage to automatically replicate your databases data in real time to another server which can be failed over to automatically in a matter of seconds in case the primary database server goes down. This has the benefit of improving the uptime of your website. Third, it created a real time backup of your data in order for us to have a centralized point in which to backup your databases from without impacting the performance of your websites.

The third major thing that was occuring during the migration was an upgrade to the Plesk 11 control panel which was happening on the fly. There were some major changes to the way in which Plesk 11 functioned in comparison to previous versions of Plesk. These issues were being addressed as they came up and we have since resolved most of these. One major thing that changed was the Mail tab was removed as email users are now controlled via the SmarterMail platform under Settings-> Domain Settings -> Users. We are working to integrate this into the control panel and we will let everyone know when we do. Plesk 11 has many improvements under the hood over the previous versions and we hope you all enjoy the new control panel.

Soon after the main transition additional servers were put in place and users were migrated to these additional servers. There were some users who could not be moved due to the complexity of their many web sites, databases, and applications. Most of these users with many domains we have worked with one on one to migrate their sites to these new servers. We still need to address others and will continue to migrate users to new servers as the need arises.

These were just some of the key things that were happening behind the scenes during the migration. We are aware it has been 5 months since the migration occured but felt we needed to communicate this to all now that we have a new platform (this blog) to do so. Many of you were already aware of these key changes as we have communicated this to you individually during support phone calls or emails. Now everyone should have a better insight into what was occuring. Again we apologize for the lack of communication during this time. We now hope to move forward and continue to improve the quality of our web hosting service.We have a lot of work ahead of us and we definitely have great plans for 2013. We will definitely share more as the year unfolds.

All that being said, we hope everyone has an amazing, creative, and productive year in 2013! Happy New Year!