Spring Sync your Calendars

The first day of Spring has arrived and it might be time for a little spring cleaning and organization. We couldn’t think of a better time to introduce some of our users to our SmarterMail calendar included with your webmail. Using a calendar is a great way to schedule tasks and events to help you fullfill your short and long term goals. Huevia’s calendar is a fully featured calendar and can sync with your MS Outlook or Apple iCal applications. Here is a quick rundown of Huevia’s calendar features

  • Fully configurable appointments with optional recurrence rules
  • Email notification and notification of upcoming appointments
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Task Integration
  • Attendee and invitation status tracking
  • Availability information about attendees
  • Configurable default views – either┬ádaily, weekly, monthly or all appointment views
  • Integration with Outlook and iCal and any Smartphone

We have added how to sync your applications with our Calendaring system. Click on the link below to take you to the support article for your specific application.

Apple iCal:


Microsoft Outlook: