First Quarterly Survey Now Closed

We want to thank everyone who participated in our first quarterly survey. We have a great worldwide community of users and we had a great response rate with tons of input. Most helpful to us has been the open comments on each question more so than the questions themselves. We are still going through all the responses from our users, but we have already begun making small changes based on some of the constructive feedback we have received thus far. We also realize we have a ton of work to do before the next survey goes out in March. By then We plan on implementing some of your many suggestions. Most importantly building an actual knowledge base and FAQ for the Huevia community which is something Huevia has never had and something we have been planning prior to this survey. This will be high on the priority list for the first quarter so look for this in the near future. Again thanks to all who participated in this first survey and we hope many more of you will participate in our next survey in March!